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Just as HSA plans are the smartest way to insure your health, inexpensive Term Life Insurance is the smartest way to insure your life.  You probably already know why you should carry life insurance if you have dependents, because as much as we hate to think about it, there really is a possibility we might die next year.  Or tomorrow.  Most of our customers carry term life insurance on at least the primary breadwinner in the family.

Just as an HSA plan can save you a lot of money over conventional copay health insurance plans, term life insurance can save you thousands of dollars compared to whole life or universal life plans.  Term insurance is exactly what it sounds like – it is life insurance that lasts for a certain period, or “term”.

Many of our members have asked us how they can find the lowest rates on term life insurance.  Because of low interest rates and increasing lifespans, life insurance rates are lower than they’ve ever been.  The system we’ve put together enables us to instantly access instant quotes on the lowest priced plans available, from numerous A-rated insurance companies.

Choosing a life insurance plan is simple.  First decide how much coverage you want - $50,000, $100,000, $500,0000, $1 million, or whatever. Then decide the “term” of the coverage.  Most popular is 20 year.  What this means is that the coverage will be in force for that long, and that the premiums will not go up during that period. Once the term is expired you may apply for new coverage, or renew your current policy at a higher rate.

Fill out the form above for instant quotes on the lowest-priced plans available. After you apply someone will call you to schedule a paramed exam in which someone will come to take blood and urine samples and a blood pressure reading.

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