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In CO, we have indicated the most popular carrier we offer in the list of carriers that we represent below. Easily compare plans and rates when you run an instant quote. 

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Note: When you get an instant quote, you will only see plans available in your zip code. Some plans are not available in all areas of the state and some may be available only during certain times of the year.

  • AlieraCare – Aliera Healthcare offers ACA-exempt health plans that are dramatically less expensive than traditional health insurance. These plans are NOT health insurance, but rather healthcare sharing plans. Coverage up to $1,500,000 available.
Altrua Health Care Sharing Ministries
Altrua Health Care Sharing Ministries
  • Altrua Health Care Sharing Ministries – Healthshare plans are not health insurance. Rather, they are faith-based cooperatives that enable people who are in good health and follow certain moral principles, to join together in order to protect themselves from high medical expenses. Not everyone qualifies, but for those who do the cost is typically less than half that of any health insurance options.
Altrua Health Care Sharing Ministries
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield – is one of the most widely known and trusted names in the health insurance industry.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has one of the most competitive HSA plans in Colorado, they have the largest PPO network, and they have a reputation for excellent customer service.
Colorado HSA Plans
  • Cigna Health Insurance – has been considered a global leader in health care, offering various health care products over the last 25 years that now reach beyond the United States. They pride themselves on their customer relations and personalization of customer care. They are passionate about giving back to the community, and have been the recipient of many awards. Cigna offers affordably priced coverage for both HSA and non-HSA coverage.
Cigna HSA CO
  • Bright Health Plans is based in Minneapolis, MN, and plans to offer easy-to-understand and affordable insurance to individuals in Colorado and later, to other states
Bright Health Plans
  • Denver Health Medical Plan was created in 1997 to fill a need for affordable health care coverage for employees of the Denver Health Authority and the Career Service Authority. They offer Elevate health plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and Child Health Plan Pus (CHP+).
Bright Health Plans
  • Friday Health Plans, Inc. had completed the purchase of Colorado Choice Health Plans in June 2017. These paved the way for their expansion in Colorado Springs, Denver, NE Colorado, and the San Luis Valley. Starting 1/1/2018, all Colorado Choice Health Plans  will offer plans through the Friday Health Plans brand.
  • Medi-Share is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry where members share each other’s medical expenses. Although it is not insurance, members get exempted from the ACA tax penalty. Medi-Share offers very affordable plans for young singles, start-up and/or well-established families, and even seniors.
  • Rocky Mountain Health Plans – offering one of state’s most extensive provider networks, Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) has been serving Colorado since 1974. Its ACA-qualified plans include Health Savings Account options for its membership that tops 200,000 customers. RMHP is rated with an A+ by Weiss Ratings for its financial strength.
Colorado HSA Plans
  • Sedera Health – Sedera Health is a healthshare plan for small groups of 3 or more employees. It was started in response to a demand for an alternative to expensive health insurance plans that are currently available to small groups. Sedera Health offers a a range of inexpensive products and services, that are also all in compliance with the Affordable Care Act.
Sedera Health

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