Int Travel

Most health insurance plans have limited benefits for coverage outside the United States, usually for no more than 30 days. Therefore, if you are going to be out of the country for an extended period of time, you will need to get international health insurance.  These plans are surprisingly inexpensive, and can be purchased for various lengths of time.

In the year 2000 the President of our company, Wiley Long, along with his wife Christie, took a year off to travel around world.  Before going, they researched travel health insurance companies and decided upon International Medical Group (IMG), which had the most comprehensive coverage, and also had plans which would pay for treatment in the U.S. if something serious happened and the decision was made to return home.

Fortunately,there were no major mishaps.  You can read about their trip on the website they kept up while traveling, Since coming back and establishing HSA for America, we have become aware of another company that also offers good international rates, HCC Life Insurance Company. Because choice is always better, we represent both plans.  These are the best international travel health insurance plans we are aware of.

Our recommendation is to compare the rates for each, since one my offer advantages over the other for certain
plans and certain age ranges.