You’re tired of settling for what traditional insurance has to offer. Premiums and deductibles are outrageously high, and the coverage you’re getting isn’t something to cheer about. That makes for a bad combination. Our advice to you?

Stop settling. Considering switching to a health care sharing ministry plan instead.

What is a health care sharing ministry?

I’m sure you’ve at least heard the term before, even if you don’t know the specifics. Health care sharing ministries have been around for decades, so they’re nothing new. They’ve been garnering attention in the last several years due to what they have to offer. As of the end of last year (2017), there were more than a million members nationwide.

Health care sharing ministries are nonprofit organizations that facilitate the sharing of qualifying medical expenses among members. Health care sharing ministries are not insurance. They don’t function like insurance—which is one of the perks!

You belong to a community of like-minded people.

Health care sharing ministries are made up of like-minded individuals who share similar beliefs. Most health sharing programs are Christian and are built around the concept of community and taking care of one another. Doesn’t that sound appealing? These programs are more personal than traditional insurance, which reduces you to mere facts and numbers.

Because most of the health care sharing ministries are Christian-based, most don’t cover things like birth control and abortion. In other words, you won’t have to pay for things you feel uncomfortable or disagree with.

Essentially, you belong to a community when you’re a member of a health care sharing ministry.

You have access to better health care.

Health care sharing ministries aren’t traditional insurance. You aren’t boxed into a specific network of providers. Are you able to freely chose your own doctor now? No? People should be able to make their own choices as intelligent adults who know what is best for themselves as individuals. Health care sharing ministries provide choice, autonomy, and more freedom. In fact, because members typically pay out of pocket and then are reimbursed, they tend to be more conscious and smarter about health care costs.

Health care sharing ministries are a great option.

You don’t have to stick with traditional insurance anymore. You have other options. Switching to a health care sharing plan could save you a lot of money and offer better care more suitable for you. Call our customer service at 800-913-0172 and talk with your trusted Personal Benefits Manager (PBM) for more information or how to apply.