Healthcare is complicated and expensive.
But it doesn't have to be.

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There is only one insurance provider in Iowa and they were asking for an astronomical increase in premium. Thank you for giving me an option called HealthShare programs!

- D. Nelson
Davenport, IA

When it came to making a decision and purchasing health insurance through the ACA, things got confusing and frustrating. I find HSA for America knowledgeable and helpful. When we worked together, I ended up with the best plan for me at the most affordable price.

- Marian Costello
Tucson, AZ

HSA for America also showed me ways to save a substantial amount of money! My Personal Benefit Manager is very knowledgeable! No hassle at all in the process.

-Rita Shepherd
Red Bluff, CA

We get it.
Healthcare is confusing and expensive.

So many people end up overpaying simply because they don’t know there’s a better option. That’s why we specialize in health savings accounts and healthcare sharing plans that make your options more affordable.

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What is an HSA plan? 

Health savings accounts are an alternative to the traditional health insurance plans. They allow you to put tax-exempt funds into a health savings account to use towards medical expenses.

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What is a Health Sharing plan?

Health sharing plans are not insurance but a more affordable way to make sure your family is covered. Health sharing means that the group is helping to cover each other's medical bills.

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